Felix Sputnik

The Midnight Beast Intro

They had about a month to get this intro for a sitcom done, plus of course the Christmas holidays…
This is my comp, not the final… but it’s near enough.



And there I thought I was so clever, reversing the Jaws poster, just to find out,

two other people somewhere in the world already had that idea…

And if you were born after 1975:

Click here!


inspired by the illustrations of Robin Davey, who proves that less is more…

London Skyline

I was commissioned to do a  30 second animated intro into a TV show for Channel 4.
It starts with a shot of the skyline of London.
I am not a Background painter, so I had to fudge it, half drawing, half collage, this is about a third of the initial pan…

Aphrodite Part 2

Another clip from the pilot episode of a Brighton based TV Sitcom.
They used a shortened version of the clip in the program, this is my own comp of the full length animation.