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London Skyline

I was commissioned to do a  30 second animated intro into a TV show for Channel 4.
It starts with a shot of the skyline of London.
I am not a Background painter, so I had to fudge it, half drawing, half collage, this is about a third of the initial pan…

Aphrodite Part 2

Another clip from the pilot episode of a Brighton based TV Sitcom.
They used a shortened version of the clip in the program, this is my own comp of the full length animation.



The Idea was Isabel’s, and I think if they had gone with it it would have turned millions of
60 year old’s into Peppa fans or millions of 3 year old’s into psychedelics… You never know.

I also do graphic design…


Logo for my sisters GP surgery in Germany.
The word “Praxis” means doctors surgery and I very cleverly turned the…
…well, you catch the drift…

Stein Sisters


My take on the famous “Stein Brothers” T-shirt design…