Felix Sputnik
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A Recipe For Gruel

Miss HatHorn has finally put her film out there for all to see.
Find a quiet place and 11 minutes of spare time and enjoy:
…Life one meal at a time…

Walk animation tutorial

My attempt at a tutorial for a walk cycle.
Let me know if you like it, I might work it up into a proper teaching video.
Music by Ratatat… they rock.

I went to a small Comics convention at the British library and bought a few small,
but perfectly formed comics by John Maybury. So I did a little walk cycle…
Check him out on:

Blue Diamond

Milk man,
This was a Flash test I did for Studio AKA when the Commercial was still to be done in 2D.
Luckily I  got to work on this lovely ad anyway.

Click here for Ad

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