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Walk animation tutorial

My attempt at a tutorial for a walk cycle.
Let me know if you like it, I might work it up into a proper teaching video.
Music by Ratatat… they rock.

15 Responses to Walk animation tutorial

  • Very great teaching process. I havent seen anything this thorough at school. Characters have a ton of personality.

  • Yes, love that. I’m hungry to learn coolest animation like you did.

  • My friend, who has most recently animated for some Ruff Ruffman Humble Media Genius shorts, suggested that I look you up in order to learn more about walk cycles. Though these are only teasers and mostly only hint at certain skills, these have already helped me. Your motion and the way you use the principles of animation are wonderful, and I would love any sort of professional help, as that is very few and far between here in Northern Kentucky.

  • I really love this style of- and approach to animation! You said to let you know if we’d like a full tutorial, well… Hereby I’d like to tell you I’d love a full depth tutorial that touches on creating the shapes, rigging the bodies, and animating the walk cycle in both front and side view.

    I’d love to pay for a tutorial of such, as much as 50$ or more. It’s only fair I believe. Maybe think about featuring on or

  • Amazing. Would love to learn more from you.

  • Just found you, amazing clear tutorial. I’m a classic 2D animator and would like to break in these animation programs.
    Which did you use and do you prefer?


  • I have been looking forward to this for a year or so. I wanted to know if you still had plans to release it. I just spent $75 on another animation course and would have no problem doing the same again for yours.

    I would just like to know if it is still coming out.

  • How can I get an instruction animation tutorial from you?

  • Hell yes. These are some of the best walk cycles I’ve ever seen, and this tutorial is gold. I would happily cough up a few bucks for a thorough, structured tutorial if you have time to make one.

  • Donde lo compro? hehehe, espero me respondas

  • Great personality you have animate on those walk cycles. I would love to see how did you do it in detail.

  • Great personality you have created on those walk cycles. I would love to see how did you do it in detail.

  • Awesome! Do you still plan on releasing more teaching materials? I would gladly pay for in depth lessons.

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